miércoles, febrero 04, 2009

Naive thought: "buy local"

Now, with this hugely expected financial/economic crisis, US, UK, and the rest of the world are starting to talk about buying local. And EU and Canada are starting to complain to USA if they'll be more prectionist, and so on. There's tons of website like "buyinus.com", "buyinghana.com", "buyinuk.com", etc. People say things like "if we buy locally, then we are creating more local jobs, and the money stays in the system". But, wait a minute: no one talks about how this money would ever be distributed! This is the big naivity and the main tactic used by the non-poor, non-survivers of everyday life. We do not push for new forms of re-distribution.

USA is the big example. They have had an enourmous transference of public money to private corporations with the so-called war on irak. Trillion of dollars went to the multinational companies in the euphemistic neo-colonial process called "reconstruction of irak". Now, trillions of dollars from the state, although it's only electronic money because no one has that money in cash, is going again to the private companies who owns banks, funds, and car makers. In all this mess, some one has said something like, "wait a minute, stop, let's talk about how are we distributing this money? who own these companies? what they have done and how much money they have earn?" Again, concentration, exclusion, pauperization of the society and multimillionarization of the "super-rich". Fuck, we have to change the discourse and practice and start scratching where really itch!

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