miércoles, mayo 18, 2011

Fringe, Fukushima, Fascism, and Failure (of the State)

Like in Fringe we live in a world with two parallel universes, they often get in contact, but they are in competence and wanting to destroy one another. One universe in fact has more power, at least in terms of resources, than the other and is trying to disband and wipe it out in order to take full control of our world. But the big irony is that this other universe cannot exist without our universe, not even for a second, they need it for survive. Indeed, both universes are embarked on the same journey and anything that happen to one would have an effect on the other.
These two universes are not other than the 20% of the wealthiest people who control more than 80% of the resources and wealth of this world and the other universe are the rest 80%. These universes are mixed and its distribution varies depending the country, region, city, neighborhood; for instance, in the USA the top 1% wealthiest control more than 35%, the top 20% wealthiest control 85% of the wealth while the 40% poorer control 0.3% of the wealth!
This takes us to Fukushima. The Japanese atomic-radioactive disaster is only one of many eco-social disasters in which we are living. The “safe zone” of 30 or 40 km around it is nothing more than an “amberization” ala Fringe, and we are now living in this world with too many amber zones, too many Fukushimas, BP's spills, Goiania accident, The Sydney Tar Ponds, Chernobyl,…
Fascism: In a good article in Aljazeera, William Robinson talks about the 21stC. fascism in the USA and the global capitalism and the right wing propaganda and politic agenda, one that no one wants to dismantle, one that Obama is following without any alteration. Of course, Obama is not McCain or Pallin but in relation to the socio-economic structure he is doing exactly what they would be doing, what Clinton did, what the Bushes did, which is to help to expand the concentration of power and resources and the exclusion of million of people within and without USA.
Fascism and Fukushima go hand by hand because there are deep connections between the super-concentrated powers of military-industrial-nuclear-mining-oil-pharmaceutical corporations and the State powers. France, USA and Japan have in common that they have nuclearized their societies (France is the most nuclearized of all). They didn’t find other ways nor they wanted to find other ways to produce energy (though Japan is a special case). Now the Fukushima disaster is sleeping away from the mass media coverage, but in fact there is a massive destruction that will last for hundred of thousands of years. And TECPO, the company that runs the atomic center, has hired all the former high staff of the state controlling agency...
And this takes us to the failure of the state. We live in a world were neo-liberalism with the concrete idea of “free market” and “fee will” would guide us all. But this is not true, we have to control with more politics the economical powers, the corporations and governments that are destroying our world. Global capitalism is amberizing the whole planet.
Again, we live in the same world and we have to find ways to make peace between them and us, like Peter did in the last episode of season 3: we have to make them and us find a way to save our only world…

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