jueves, julio 02, 2009

frases del día: Hoy Levi-Strauss

Every verbal exchange, every line printed, establishes communication between people, thus creating an evenness of level, where before there was an information gap and consequently a greater degree of organization. Anthropology could with advantage be changed into "entropology", as the name of the discipline concerned with the study of the highest manifestations of this process of disintegration. (...) I only have to choose for the choice itself to signify my unreserved acceptance of the human condition; in thus freeing myself from an intellectual pride, the futility of which I can gauge by the futility of its object, I also agree to subordinate its claims to the objective demands of the emancipation of the many, to whom the possibility of such a choice is still denied.
Levi-Strauss (1984) Tristes Tropiques, p. 543-4.

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