domingo, octubre 11, 2009

Thomas Riedelsheimer's Soul Birds and Touch the Sound.

Yesterday I saw "Soul Birds" by Thomas Riedelsheimer, which is an impressive movie about three kids with Cancer. This is a topic I am interested as anthropologist and which I will try to study for my PhD. The movie is incrediblly powerful in how it puts you in certain mood to evoke what these children and families may have experienced. Two kids died but they find ways to live their lives in their own terms, and so they teach us a lot.

Today I watched in youtube (hope Riedelsheimer won't feel bad about it) another of his movies called Touch the Sound, which is also incredibly good and moving. It's a journey through sound and silence with Evelyn Glennie, a great percussionist who happened to have a hear impairment (which for some would be considered as "deaf") but an incredible capacity to use her whole body as a resonance chamber. Here is the first part (then you can move to the 11 others).

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